Peak Wavelength: 275nm@40mA

Package Type: Ceramic SMD 3535 Package

Output Power Grade: 2.0-3.0mW

Application: Medical sterilization



Cautions on Use
Storage: The LEDs shall be hermitically sealed; the package shall be kept at 10℃ to 55℃ and 30% to 65% Relative Humidity (RH).Before opening aluminum bag,the package should be used within 1 year from the delivery date. After opening aluminum bag ,the package should be used within 28 days .
Operation: The workbench shall be grounded. It is recommended to wear gloves or finger stalls when handling the LEDs. It is also recommended to seal the package promptly after opening it, or it may result in lead foot oxidation. After opening the package, use tweezers to hold the LED’s body and avoid touching its obverse side with bare hands.

Equipment and machinery handling LED chips must be properly grounded.
Anti-static wrist strap must be worn during installation; check if the metal part makes close contact with skin.
 It is strongly recommended to wear anti-static gloves or finger stalls during installation.
Put anti-static tape on the workbench; the tape shall be interconnected and grounded.
The LEDs shall be soldered within 24 hours after opening the package, or it may lead to electrode oxidation and rustiness.

Reflow soldering is recommended, and the temperature curve is shown in the figure on the right:
Preheat : 1.0 to 3.0℃/s ; Maximum time: 90 seconds.
Soak : 110 to 130℃, best time : 90 or100s.
Reflow : Maximum temperature : 170 - 180℃; Maximum time : 50 - 80s above 138℃ 
Cooling: Cooling rate < 4℃/
Cautions: DUV LEDs emits ultraviolet light, which is potentially harmful to skin and eyes. Avoid direct or reflected exposure to UV light when LED is in operation.

Special precautions must be taken to avoid direct exposure to UV light.

Special precautions must be taken to avoid looking directly at UV light without the use of UV light protective glasses.

Always wear eye protection, gloves and protective garment during DUV LED operation.


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