Deep UV sensor UVC-LED-275NM-3535-6mW-15MW DL-275UVC+UVA-S35 UVC+UVA LED IN ONE



Deep UV sensor UVC-LED-275NM-3535-2mW DL-275UVC+UVA-S35 UVC+UVA   LED IN ONE


1)①③ Cathode Pad   ②④ Anode Pad ⑤Heat Sink.   ①~② a group ③~④ a group

2)The tolerance unless mentioned is ±0.20mm.unit=mm;

3)A single device contains three different types of chips, respectively UVA LED/UVC LED/ zener diode.

    Zener diode is used to provide ESD to UVC LED

4)Internal Circuit diagram:

More information:

Note: It will affect the quality of the equipment,even broken if out of the limitation of the LED use confition. It is not

recommended to operate over the above limits
2、Optoelectronic parameter value :

 3.Product parameters

Absolute Maximum Ratings

⑴LED storage: suggest to sealed stock in under the temperature of 10℃-55℃,humidity of 30%-65%.In order to
keep a good quality, pls use it within 1 year after the prodcution date; and use it out within 28days after open the
⑵ When taking or touch the LED, pls make sure to wear the gloves. Seal the package in time in orde to avoid the pin
oxidation. When openning the package, need to use the weezers clamped on both sides of LED in order not to touch
the face of the LED.
⑶ Installation: This process is mainly to protect the static electricity:
① Check if the grounding wire of the machine equipment is normal before production;
② Check if the static ring is normal, check static metal and human skin contact closely;
③ Check if the workerswear anti-static gloves;
④ Check if the working table is paved with electrostatic rubber cloth, and the rubber cloth is connected
to each other.
⑤ After opening the seal, it is better to use it out in 24hors, otherwise it may cause the oxidation of the
5.It is recommended to use low temperature solder paste for reflow, and the temperature curve is shown in the
following diagram.

① Preheating area

The temperature speed is 1.0-3.0℃/S. If the temperature rises too fast, it is easy to cause
paste mobility and component deterioration, then cause the tin explosive and phenomenon.
② Infiltrating area
The temperature is 110-130℃, 90-100s is the most suitable. If the temperature is too low,
then the solder will not melt if it is rewelded. It is recommended that the temperature rise
speed is <2℃/ s.
③ Reflow Area
The peak temperature should be set at 170-180℃. The melting time suggests to adjust to 50-
80 seconds when above 138℃
④ Cooling Area
Temperature cooling spead is better <4℃/ s.
⑸ With the increase of current and temperature, the life of LED will decrease, which leads to the acceleration of
the attenuation of LED.
⑹ It is suggested that a grounding circuit should be used in the design of PCB. Pay special attention to the usage
environment of LED: the temperature is between -30℃ to 55℃, and the humidity is between 65%. Otherwise, the
LED will be broken by electrostatic and high current breakdown.

6.Major security tips

This product is a deep ultraviolet LED, which will produce ultraviolet light after the correct
operation of electricity. Thus it is harmful to the skin and eyes of the human body. No
protective measures should be avoided directly in deep ultraviolet light.
It is recommended to wear protective clothing,gloves and gla

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