UVC deep UV LED dual chip ,DL-275-S68-40mW - 90 degree luminescence



1、产品命名规则(Product naming rules):


1、X表示波长X stands wavelength
2、Y表示尺寸Y stands for size
3、Z表示支架类型Z stands for stent type
4、T表示功率值T stands for power value


注意:为了获得更好的稳定输出功率,UV LED需要良好的散热环境或者散热系统,建议灯珠在工作状态中,支架温度不要超过50摄氏度。
Note:In order to have a stable output, UV LED need a very good heat release enviroment or a good heat release system. We suggest the temperature of holder could not be over 50℃ when LED is working.

3、极限使用条件 Limitation use conditions:

Note: It will affect the quality of the equipment,even broken if out of the limitation of the LED use confition. It is not recommended to operate over the above limits

4、光电参数Optoelectronic parameter value :

         Output power measurement tolerance is 10%
         Voltage measurement tolerance is 0.1V
        Wavelength measurement tolerance is 1nm
         Average Pulse: (Frequency1KHZ, Bias:5%);The biggest working electric curren:60mA;Average Pulse

5、输出功率等级Output power levels

6、光电特性Photoelectric characteristics              (TA=25℃)

⑴  LED储存:建议存储温度10摄氏度-55摄氏度,湿度:30%-65%,包装袋密封保存。为了保证产品 质量,外包装袋打开前,出厂后一年内使用,外包装袋打开后,建议28天内使用。
LED storage: suggest to sealed stock in under the temperature of 10℃-55℃,humidity of 30%-65%.In order to keep a good quality, pls use it within 1 year after the prodcution date; and use it out within 28days after open the package.

⑵  拿取方法:接触LED检查时需戴手套或者手指套,工作台面也要接地,包装袋开口后要及时封 口,防止引脚氧化。打开包装后,操作人员应该使用镊子夹持LED两侧,避免手接触LED正面。 When taking or touch the LED, pls make sure to wear the gloves. Seal the package in time in orde to avoid the pin oxidation. When openning the package, need to use the weezers clamped on both sides of LED in order not to touch the face of the LED.

⑶  安装:这一过程主要是静电的防护:
Installation: This process is mainly to protect the static electricity:
①   生产前检查机台设备接地线是否正常;       
Check if the grounding wire of the machine equipment is normal before production;
②   检查人员静电环是否正常,检查静电的金属与人的皮肤接触紧密;      
Check if the static ring is normal, check static metal and human skin contact closely;
③   在安装时最好要求作业人员戴好防静电手套或者防静电手指套;       
Check if the workerswear anti-static gloves;
④   作业台面铺好静电胶布,胶布之间应相互连接接地;      
Check if the working table is paved with electrostatic rubber cloth, and the rubber cloth is connected to each other.
⑤    开封后最好在二十四小时内用完,否则可能会引起灯脚氧化生绣。       
After opening the seal, it is better to use it  out in 24hors, otherwise it may cause the oxidation of the foot.

⑷   建议使用低温锡膏进行迴流焊,温度曲线如下图所示:     
  It is recommended to use low temperature solder paste for reflow, and the temperature curve is shown in the following diagram.

①   预热区
升温速率为1.0-3.0摄氏度/秒,在预热区的升温速度过快,容易是锡膏的流移性 及成分恶化,易产生爆锡和锡珠现象。      
Preheating area:
                  The temperature speed is 1.0-3.0℃/S. If the temperature rises too fast, it is easy to cause paste mobility and component deterioration, then cause the tin explosive and phenomenon.
②   浸润区
温度110-130摄氏度,时间90-100秒最为适宜,如果温度过低,则在回焊后会有 焊锡未熔的情况发生(建议温升速度<2摄氏度/秒)。       
Infiltrating area :
                The temperature is 110-130℃, 90-100s is the most suitable. If the temperature is too low, then the solder will not melt if it is rewelded. It is recommended that the temperature rise speed is <2℃/ s.
③   回焊区
The peak temperature should be set at 170-180℃. The melting time suggests to adjust to 50-80 seconds when  above 138℃
④   冷却区
Temperature cooling spead is better <4℃/ s.

⑸   LED随著电流的增加和温度的升高,他的使用寿命会呈某种曲线下降,导致LED衰减加快。      
With the increase of current and temperature, the life of LED will decrease, which leads to the acceleration of the attenuation of LED.

⑹   建议在设计PCB时要有接地电路。特别注意LED的使用环境:温度在零下30摄氏度-55摄氏度之 间,湿度在65%之间,否则将会有静电击穿和大电流击穿导致死灯。       
It is suggested that a grounding circuit should be used in the design of PCB. Pay special attention to the usage environment of LED: the temperature is between -30℃ to 55℃, and the humidity is between 65%. Otherwise, the LED will be broken by electrostatic and high current breakdown.


Major security tips

       本产品为深紫外LED,在正确操作通电后会产生紫外线,这种紫外线对人体的 皮肤和眼睛都有危害。应避免未加防护措施直接暴露在深紫外线中。

      This product is a deep ultraviolet LED, which will produce ultraviolet light after the correct operation of electricity. Thus it is harmful to the skin and eyes of the human body. No protective measures should be avoided directly in deep ultraviolet light. 

           建 议 在 操 作 时 身 穿 防 护 衣 , 配 套 防 护 手 套 和 防 护 眼 镜 。
           I t i s r e c o m m e n d e d t o w e a r p r o t e c ti v e c l o t h i n g , g l o v e s a n d g l a s s e s d u r i n g o p e r a ti o n 。




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