Deep UV sensor UVC-LED-265NM-3535-2mW-6mW DL-265-S35



UVC-LED 265NM 3535

 1. Features:

◆ High Light Output Power;
◆ Long Operation Life and Low Light Decay;
◆ Environmental Protection, Energy Saving and High Reliability;
◆ Durable, Shock-proof, Easy to design and Easy to Apply in Different Fields or Different Occasions;

2. Applications:
◆ Disinfection;
◆ Air and Water Purification;
◆ UV Detection and Communication Technology;
◆ Food Processing and Preservation, Food and Beverage Packaging, Fresh Storage, etc.;
◆ Health Care, Dermatological Treatment, etc.;

3. Electro-Optical Characteristics @Tc=22℃

1) These values are measured by the DELI optical spectrum analyzer within the following tolerances.
--Forward Voltage (Vf): ±0.2V; peak wavelength (λp):±3nm; Radiant Flux (Φe):±10%
2) Although all LEDs are tested by DELI Semiconductor’s equipment. Some values may vary slightly
depending on the conditions of the test equipment.
3) UV LEDs are static-sensitive products. Please pay attention to static electricity during transportation and use;

4. Absolute Maximum Ratings

1) Operating the LED beyond the listed maximum ratings may affect device reliability and cause permanent damage;
2) The light attenuation of the LED lamp will increase and the operation life will be shortened as the injection current increases
and the temperature rises;
3) The LEDs are not designed to be driven in reverse bias.

5. Outline Dimensions:

1) ①Cathode Pad ② Heat Sink ③Anode Pad;

2)The tolerance unless mentioned is ±0.20mm.unit=mm;
3)A Zener diode (not shown in the figure) is soldered inside the lamp to provide the ESD protection;
4)Internal Circuit diagram:


6. Typical Characteristic Curves(Ta=25℃)

Major security tips
This product is a deep ultraviolet LED, which will produce ultraviolet light after the correct
operation of electricity. Thus it is harmful to the skin and eyes of the human body. No
protective measures should be avoided directly in deep ultraviolet light.
It is recommended to wear protective clothing,gloves and gla

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