Product Introduction

Product Name:  Multifunctional Ultraviolet Disinfection Box

Product model:  DLLI-K-08

Input voltage:        5V-2A / 9V-2A

Wireless charging output:    15W

UV output:     2W(Max)

UV LED:        6UVC

Product dimensions:    210*120*62.5MM

Gross weight of single product:   440g

Box size:    223*127*65MM

Color:           White


1. Before use, please check whether the charger and equipment parameters correspond to one to one.
2. Plug the power cord into AC100-240V.
3. Connect the USB a connector with USB a connector (different connectors of each device) to the output terminal of the charger, and then connect the corresponding connector to the electrical equipment (such as mobile phone, MP3, camera, iPod series, etc.) for power supply or charging.
4. A single mobile phone can be directly plugged into the charging plug for charging, without the use of USB charging cable.
5. Please unplug the charger power cord after the device is fully charged.


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