• Voltage: DC 12/24V
  • Current: 40±2mA
  • Environment temperature: ≤55℃
  • UVC LED Luminous Power: 2.0-3.0mW
  • Insulation and voltage resistance: AC 1500V, 50Hz / 1min
  • Lifespan: >10,000H
  • Dominant Wavelength: 270nm-285nm

1.Hexagon nut (food grade material)

2.Gland (food grade material)
3.Main body stents (food grade material)
4."0" circle  (food grade material)
5.High Purity Quartz Glass (food grade material)
7."0" circle  (food grade material)
8.Fixture loop (food grade material)
9.PCB holder  (food grade material)
10.SM leadwire 2P
12.XH2.54 2P Terminal

UVC LED Testing
1.Turn on the UVC LED
2.Colon bacillus,The concentration of bacteria liquid is 3000cfu/mL,
Pick 0.1mL bacteria(about 300pc bacteria)to a board. Use this UVC led,
Shining 5min with distance 1cm,and then check.
3.Irradiated by a distance of 1 cm from the surface of the bacteria.
4.The shining time is 5 minutes.
5.Calculate the percentage of sterilization rate.

Air conditioning system,Disinfection cabinet, Water treating equipment,Water dispenser, Food and beverage processing or packaging equipment,Food products factory etc.


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