Ultraviolet LED and ultraviolet lamp respectively

Compared with UV mercury lamp curing, UVLED light source has obvious advantages, such as:
(1) cold light source, no thermal radiation: the surface temperature rise of the illuminated object is low, generally no more than 5℃, can effectively solve the problem of long-term thermal damage in optical communication, liquid crystal production, especially suitable for liquid crystal sealing, film printing and other occasions requiring small temperature rise. UV LED light curing heat is small, can solve the mercury lamp printing equipment heat, the staff can not bear the problem. Moreover, the UV LED light source emits high-purity and high-energy single-wavelength ultraviolet light, with no infrared output. It belongs to the cold light source, will not produce a lot of heat, therefore, the workpiece will not be deformed by the heat.
(2) high efficiency: the light energy of UV LED is highly concentrated in a certain ultraviolet spectrum with an effective curing effect, and the practical effect is comparable to the curing effect of traditional high-pressure mercury lamp UV source with the light intensity of 1000~2000mW/cm2, so as to shorten the curing time. Traditional mercury lamp UV light brightness seem very high, but the heat is very high, because its spectrum is very wide, real effective curing effect of ultraviolet spectrum segment accounts for only part of the energy, a considerable part of the visible light (mixed light) and infrared spectrum (that generates heat), to the operator's eyes badly damaged and easy to make machining workpiece heat deformation.
(3) ultra-long life: the service life of UV LED lamp is long, up to 20,000-40,000 hours, and the service life is not affected by the number of switches.
(4) instant switch: the maximum power ultraviolet output can be achieved without preheating, and the machine can be restarted instantly after being closed
(5) high energy, stable light output, uniform irradiation, good curing effect, improve production efficiency.
(6) low energy consumption: the power consumption is only 10%-50% of the traditional UV mercury lamp curing, which can save 50%-90% of the power.
(7) maintenance cost is almost zero, compared with the use of high-pressure mercury lamp UV curing can save a lot of consumables.
(8) effective irradiation area can be customized according to the amplitude of the cured object, with the length ranging from 20mm to 1000mm or even wider.
(9) no mercury, no ozone, is an alternative to the traditional UV mercury lamp source technology a safer, more environmentally friendly choice.
UV LED uv-curing unit and related devices are very compact, so the space is only 1/5-1/10 of the traditional mercury lamp uv-curing unit, without the need for large mechanical installation space and piping construction, easy to set up.
In a word, UV LED technology is a revolutionary upgrade of the original UV technology. With the popularization and application of this technology, it will produce great economic and social benefits.
Comparing the UV LED photocuring method with the previous printing drying method, the environmental advantages are as follows: energy saving, ozone free, ink replacement odor, space saving, durability, etc. Business advantages are: full