Bactericidal uv-c series applications

Home/residential uv-c systems
> indoor air purification health and care, asthma and allergies, bacteria, mold and viruses are destroyed, odor is eliminated
Full house air disinfection for air ducts and forced hot air systems
> failed the water test to detect coliforms, cryptosporidium, legionella, giardia, and escherichia coli
Or other bacteria, molds, protozoa and viruses
> boiling water alert or consultation (BWA),
Safe drinking water and rural water
> drinking water and single
Point sterilization, point installation (POU)
> whole house, immigration water (POE)
> well water pollution and treatment
> rainwater collection and collection system
> water tank and spring water storage tank
> ash water, waste water and liquid storage tanks
> aquarium and aquarium, small and large
> hot tub, spa and swimming pool
> water dispensers and vending machines
Community uv-c system
> apartments, apartments and trailer parks
> farms, farms and agriculture
> hatchery: fish, mollusks, poultry and eggs
Livestock: crops and animals
> office building, meeting room and lunch room
Rural water systems in cities, towns and villages
> swimming pool and aquarium
> ponds, lakes and water reserves
Transient uv-c system
> planes, boats, boats, boats and yachts
> campsite, motor home and trailer
> lakes, ponds, fountains and aquariums
> water garden, fish, koi and viewing pond
> outdoor swimming pool, hot tub and spa
> health club, gym, roller skating and skating rink
> hotels, motels, resorts and restaurants
> zoo, amusement and water park
> auditorium and theatre
> casinos, racetracks and golf courses
> dog farms, veterinary clinics and offices
Mechanism uv-c system
> medical facilities and hospitals
> emergency room and intensive care facilities
> TB and methadone clinic, pharmacy
Intensive care unit (ICU)
> ward and operating room
> burn center and rehabilitation facilities
> laboratory and clean room
> laboratory of kidney dialysis and pathology
> labor and childbirth areas, maternity, nurseries
> doctor's office and waiting room
> morgue, funeral home and crematorium
> correctional facilities, prisons and criminal institutions
> prisons, detention centers and prisons
> care homes and senior centers
> homeless and escape shelters
> schools, colleges and universities
Industrial uv-c systems
Food and beverage processing and production
> bread products
> fruit and vegetables
> meat processing
> poultry processing
> milk and cheese processing
> dairy production
> almond milk processing
> juice, soft drinks and water
> beer processing and production
> cooking oil, liquid sugar and sweeteners
> purity and process water
> ice machine and making
> washing and ash water disinfection
Agriculture, horticulture, agronomy, agriculture
> cosmetics production
> electronic production
> pharmaceutical manufacturing
> power generation
> pulp and paper production
> hvac heating, ventilation air conditioning
> industrial cleaning and facility management