about us

一、Main products of the company:

         Deli Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in UVC led,UVC lamp beads, UVC customized products and UVC Sterilization products. UVC lamp beads are mainly 2MW ~ 100MW, including 265nm, 275nm, 285nm,295nm and 310nm. UVC customized products are mainly water Sterilizer and air space Sterilizer. UVC Sterilization products are mainly used for Sterilization of underwear, toys, baby bottles and food. Among them, there are Sterilizer box, Sterilizer lamp cylinder, convenient Sterilizer rod, etc.

二、Service tenet of the company:

          Employees of Deli Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. respond to calls from customers, suppliers or other employees before sunset. This is an example of service commitment made by Deli electronics to customers. Show you our concern quickly. We don't have to solve every problem or finish every task before sunset, but we should keep in touch with you, which embodies a basic principle of our company - that we care about customers.

三,  Grateful Customers:

            Thank you for coming to deli Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. We are very honored to be able to provide services for you. We will constantly strive to improve our service quality, meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and hope you can make valuable suggestions.

        If you have never been to our company, we sincerely invite you and look forward to your coming!